Are the Scots
independent yet?


Scotland has voted to remain part of the United Kingdom after voters resoundingly rejected independence.

After the results were counted in the 32 local councils, the "no" side received 2,001,926 votes, compared to 1,617,989 votes for the "yes" side.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond called for unity and urged the unionist parties to give up more powers.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he was confident that Britain would remain united and that commitments on additional powers would be honoured "in full".

Mr. Cameron said the three main unionist parties at Westminster would now honour their commitments to give the Scottish Parliament additional powers.

He announced that Lord Smith of Kelvin, who led the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, would oversee the engagement process, with new powers over taxation, spending and social security to be agreed in November and a bill to be published in January.